Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The unnecessary work

This term I have been learning how to write a speech. My speech went well because I finished making it and I said it to the class. I needed help to use a language devices to persuade and connect with the audience. One idea connects to the point of view. I can use parts of structure but lacks balance connections or flow. I don't think my speech went well because I didn't speak loud enough.

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below

How often do you argue with your parents about work that's unnecessary? And do you hide things that aren't important? Well I've been known to do this once or twice. That was a joke. Actually I'm a recidivist when it comes to not doing the unnecessary work (recidivist means repeat offender). When my dad told me do the unnecessary work I said I left it at school and when my mum asks me where my unnecessary work book is I say I don't know, somebody must of taken out of my bag.
What's your best excuse for not doing the unnecessary work?

I interviewed my family to research my topic as I felt it was more than just me with this issue.

My brother Will, thinks that the unnecessary work is a waste of time and would rather play outside and do sport. At my kitchen table it was a unanimous decision that being outside running around was essential for fitness enjoyment and getting out of mum and dad's hair while they're making tea. I'm sure you'd agree with me that being outside playing is way better then having to be stuck inside practising maths, spelling and all that other unnecessary work.

When I asked my other brother Thomas he made a really valid point, he said we've already been at school all day so we shouldn't have do school all over again and it's not even at school. We've already spent 6 hours at school working out fractions. Or reading when you read one page at a time and then talk about it then read the next page and talk about and so on until it's finished. And then there's literacy and we have to write a story then another story then a poem then a speech.

It's not just me the unnecessary work has been around for years. When I asked my dad he said when he was at school he didn't like doing the unnecessary work either in fact next time your parents tell you to do the unnecessary work you should say you don't do the unnecessary work so why should I.

Then I asked my mum and she said believe it or not teachers hate the unnecessary work too.

I'll take you back to the question at the start. Do you argue with your parents about work that's unnecessary and do you hide things that aren't important, if you haven't worked it out yet it's homework.
I hope that I've managed to convince you but now I need to go because I hear my dad calling me to do , you know what I'm going to say don't you that's right my unnecessary work

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