Thursday, 7 July 2016


New Zealand has a secret problem - immigrants don’t feel welcome. 1 in 10 people in New Zealand feel discriminated against. The most common way people are discriminated against is by their race. An estimated 85,200 New Zealanders reporting these findings on racial discrimination in the workplace. What can we do to stop theses prejudices?

Prejudice is when somebody has an opinion about somebody else that they haven't even met before. If somebody has a different skin colour and you won't let them play with you. If you be prejudiced to someone they might not like you. If they be prejudiced to you you might not like them. If someone is prejudice to you it will make them feel sad. Once I got prejudged at camp in 2015 on the high ropes: somebody thought I wouldn't do it because I'm small, but I think I got further than them.

What makes immigrants feel included
We interviewed people to ask them if they felt included when they moved here. We found out that they feel included when you smile and say hi to them then start a conversation. As time goes on, they feel included when you ask them if they want a drink or something, or invite them to your house. eg: Mrs K felt welcome because people were smiling at her when she got here.

What makes immigrants feel alienated
We interviewed people to ask them if they felt alienated when they moved here. We found out that they feel alienated when you point at them, laugh at them and whisper about them. As time goes on they feel more alienated and they'll want to move again but back to where they came from. eg: Mrs K felt isolated when someone asked her if she had a bomb in her lunchbox.

Here are some tips to help people not be prejudice 
Host a welcome party
Treating them the way you want to be treated
Include them
If somebody is being mean to them or teasing them you speak up

Immigrants will feel way more welcome if we use these tips. This is important because if we don't  them feel welcome then new Zealand's population will become smaller.

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