Sunday, 3 July 2016

Over the jump

I feel like I'm going to drop my helmet so, before I do, I put it on. I grab my bike and push it over to the trees. The instructor tells us to bike in circles to see which gear we should use. I think to myself “Gear two for uphill and gear three for downhill.” The gears have three on the left and seven on the right. Clutching the handlebars I sped off down the track.

We made it to the next stop and the instructor told us that on the next track there was a ramp made out of dirt and if we wanted to we were allowed to go over it. Joe went first then Jye then Hamish then me. I flew down the track, I went in front of Hamish, then Jye. I see Joe shoot over the jump, then the next thing I know I'm soaring through the sky like a little Einstein. When I hit the ground I forget to put the brakes on and I dart off down the track. The instructor shouts at me to come back, so I do. The instructor told us that the next track has bridges and ditches, and we were allowed to go through or over them. We started biking again and the they were right there. I nearly went through the deep dark ditch, but I went over the bridge,I went through the other ditch though.

 After another little while we got to go on the pump track. I flew around the pump track. I nearly crashed 100,000 times. Then it was time to leave.On the way back I crashed into the bridge and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I had to quickly get up and on the bike again then I sped off again. 

We got back to the camp and I sprinted into my cabin and jumped onto my bed and nearly smashed my leg on the side of the bed. The end

Mountain bike reflection.
I was learning to use punctuation properly using the same tense all the way through the writing. It went well because when I got comments from the teacher I did them to make my writing better, for example, so, before I do, I'll put it on. My next steps are to not make as many mistakes with punctuation.

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