Monday, 2 May 2016

Where is Hurunui

Where the magpies swoop down from the tree, trying to rip my head off.
Where the hills get stood on by cows, magpies and hares.
Where the cicadas call out to the other cicadas.
Where the river ripples along and pushes me back to the start.
Where the hares play hide and seek 
behind cars, trucks, trees and bushes in the Hurunui mouth.
Where the stones lie still on the river bed.
Where the sun slowly gets bigger behind the hills and mountains.
That's where Hurunui is.

 This term I have been learning about the elements of music and that it can communicate to anyone from any culture because music is a universal language. To show this learning I created a soundscape based on a poem I wrote. My soundescape is multistructural because I used many instruments and I can tell you what they represent. I feel happy about my soundscape because I finished it.

Here is the link to my sound scape


  1. Hey Sammy - so the first line I read makes me think of when I was young waiting for the school bus - we always had to watch out for swooping magpies!
    Where the river ripples along and pushes me back to the start. - this is my favourite line because I've watched the water in the Hurunui River for so long that it is just like you are describing. I love the parts of Hurunui you have chosen to write about because when I read this, you take me away from all my work and I remember how much fun we had on our holiday!!! Thank you (Kiri)