Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sugar city

At the art gallery in the middle of Christchurch there was a sugar city and in that sugar city there were sugar hills and on those sugar hills there were sugar houses and in those sugar houses there were sugar people and those sugar people were scared of all the people who came to look at them. 

At night when the gallery was closed they came out to play some of them brought their basket balls to play four square. Some of them brought their cricket bats and balls to play French cricket. Some of them played on their sugar iPhone 6S+, iPad pros, iMacs and MacBook Airs. Some of them were riding on sugar horses. Some were reading sugar magazines. 

But there was one sugar person who was very mischievous and he always did naughty things like draw moustaches on people at sleepovers, setting off the fire alarms at school and scaring his baby brother at nighttime the baby would cry until day time.

 But the worst thing he's ever done is jump out of sugar city and shrink a robber and bring him back into sugar city and forced the robber to help him steal money from people's houses. Once he stole all the money he bought a Fitbit, an iPad, a MacBook, an iPhone 6S+, an iMac and an iPad mini. 

These sugar people didn't have names, they had numbers like stormtroopers but the one who stole all the money didn't have a number, he was the only one with a name. His name was Naster. Once Naster was finished he threw the robber out of sugar city, chucked $3.50 at him for helping and went to play minecraft on his new MacBook Pro.

Why was he evil?
How did he shrink the robber?
What is he going to do with all that stuff he bought?


  1. cool sam I think the sugar city looks like vomit but your writing does not. I like the bit where the robber has to help him steel money from the houses I think it is great writing from mylo.

  2. Good job Sam I love the start how you describe suger land and I love the crazy stories in the the writing iand I remember when I went to the art gallery