Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My house

In the lounge the tv sits on the movie cabinet. 
The trucks on the road shake the house. 
The coffee table sits in the middle of the room and watches tv with me. 
The soft bouncy couch does the same as the coffee table. 
Mini donuts lye on my plate waiting to get eaten.
Under the roof the carpet with 2 couches, 3 boys and a coffee table on it, 
gets trampled on by a family of five.
I sit in my house watching tv with my brothers.


  1. Nice Sam, I liked the bit where you said "mini doughnuts lie on my plate" because I like mini doughnuts, I can relate to you because I like watching tv

  2. Nice story Sam. I like the bit where you say (the coffee table watches tv with me) I can relate to this because I like to eat mini doughnuts too. Kind regards. Mason

  3. Your house sounds really cool

  4. I love donuts and my kids love to watch tv. We mit publish these writing.

  5. Dad says "I know that place... now it's my turn to watch TV so that you can go outside and play!"