Monday, 12 October 2015

Saint Albans park soccer

Somebody passes me the ball, I stop it with my foot and start dribbling the ball down the field. The rain cascades down heavily on me and the players from the other team charge towards me. Ready, aim, fire. I shoot at the goal, the ball flies through the air but the goalkeeper dives down to the corner and saves the goal. The goalie hits the ball out, so it's a corner kick. Somebody from my team kicks it to me then I pass it to another person in my team. They dribbled it up to the goal as the other soccer players are darting around the field. Ready, aim, fire, he shoots at the goal but the goalkeeper dives to the other corner but he still scores and the goal nets waves around like it was saying hi. 

My coach shouts "yeah" as he walks over to the parents on the sideline that are also shouting. At that time I was thinking are we going to win. In the end we win and I get player of the day. 

I play soccer because when I was eight I was supposed to be playing tackle rugby but my mum said I was too small. When I am playing soccer I feel happy because I've seen my brother Will play tackle rugby and it looks like it hurts.

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  1. shot sam thats awesome it like playing winter sport good job.