Sunday, 18 October 2015

Paper planes

Paper planes are like a little version of real planes but made out of paper and have no engine. I'm good at making paper planes, I'll tell you some of them that I know how to make: the eagle, The bomber, the best paper plane, the original, and the star jet. The best one out of them is the best paper plane. Paper planes can keep you entertained for a while because some of them go high, some of them go far, some of them do acrobatics and some just stop right in front of you. Once I went to room 15 and 14 ( aka ara utu aka my mums class ) for discovery time and did paper planes. We started of with the best
paper plane and taught them how to do it. After, I sprinted into the school hall and threw it. Then boom, my mind exploded. I just threw my paper plane all the way to the other side of the school hall which is about 20 metres. And here's a tip for paper planes don't fly them near trees… you'll regret it.

    The best paper plane

    The eagle

    The original 


  1. Sam - I know you just love to make paper planes. Remember when our lounge was full of them? I did like it how you explained that they can keep you entertained for a long time as I have seen you spend ages making them. (Mum)

  2. Hi Sam I loved how you tooled us some of the plans names and it might come in handy latter on and we really liked you're story.from Ben and mylo. Bye

  3. I liked the way that you described the paper planes. Also I like your great paper crafts work your amazing at making paper planes. This really connected to me because I love to create new and exciting paper planes. Good regards Mason.