Tuesday, 8 September 2015

High ropes

High Ropes 

Do people judge you by the way you look? Because I get it lots. Once my big brother said he could beat me at connect 4 but, guess what, WRONG !!! Or on the Lego boxes it says things like 5-12 or 6-14 and stuff like that. Because I get judged doesn't mean I'm not good at things, like I'm good at soccer and I'm good at games on iPads and I'm good at running, I'm really fast. Something happened to me this year that made me realise you shouldn't judge people by the way they look.

Every year all the senior classes ( including the year 3s and 4s ) go on camp. When I hear  my class is going on camp I feel crazed and stupendously excited like I could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, hundreds and thousands of times.  We get to do a lot of activities like search and rescue, bungee trampolines, archery, air rifles, low ropes and the one I liked the most, high ropes. Why did I like it the most? Because I like climbing. I've done things before like high ropes like clip n climb, climbing up a hill in Akaroa, the climbing wall at school and climbing up a tree,  falling, face planting and blood dripping from my chin but that's a different story ( I might write about it next year for my speech ). 

So there I was in Wainui at the high ropes activity. I slipped on the
harness and then I crashed on the helmet and I clicked up the helmet clip. We all scrambled to the high ropes . I thought it looked easy.  I guess some people thought I wouldn't be able to do it because of my height.

The poles stretched up to the sky like the Eiffel Tower. I felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The instructor started telling us the rules. It took ages bla bla bla just get it over with,  I know what to do, I've been to clip n climb, it's exactly the same. Sort of. The instructor finally finished chattering away and picked out the groups. In my group was Elise, Jamie and I. We didn't have enough people in our group so one of the adults went in our group. My group was doing the buoy course. 

Elise went first, Then Jamie went, and then it was my turn. I felt excited and nervous again. I pulled myself up and started climbing the ladder,and then the scary part, the part I was most nervous about. The buoy part. 

I scraped my feet across the rope stole, the first one then I squeezed the second one then the third one and so on until I got to the end. The adult in my group told me to go up to the huge pole holding the buoys so I did. I ascended to the giant pole and slipped to the middle of it. I asked if I could come back down but he instructed me to get to the end of the pole and back to the middle. To make a long story short I did. 

Before I did the high ropes I got told I would only get to about half way but I bet I got further than the person that said that.

I felt really really proud of myself. All my life I've been told that I'm short but after I did the high ropes I showed that it's not about shortness and tallness it's about courage.

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  1. Good speech Sam! That happens to me all the time. I hate it when people judge you on your size. You don't have to be tall to be good at climbing. I like how you said 'I bet I got further than the person who said that'. Good job, keep up the good work!
    From Sophie W