Monday, 3 August 2015

Science reflection

This term I showed many qualities of a scientist. Good scientists use evidence. I used evidence by using a technical retrieval device A.K.A. A sivv on a stick to catch the invertebrates good scientists also look closely at things. We had to look closely at the backswimmers and water boatman so we didn't mix them up because the backswimmers eat water boatman. Good scientist also need to have good decision making so they don't end up in something they don't want to be doing. We had to make a decision when people were arguing over who was going to do what. Good Scientists also be curious but I wasn't. 

These are the strategies to help me with my learning.

This is my Gantt chart and it is for managing my time.

This is strugglometre and what you do with it is when you do something like inquiry you write the things you did to improve your learning, like I had feedback from the teacher.

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