Monday, 30 March 2015

High Ropes

When I went on the high ropes I went inside a shed with the gear in it. At first I thought that there wasn't any gear but then the instructor opened a door. We all leaped through and everyone grabbed some gear. I wriggled through everyone and dragged out my gear. First I slipped on the harness and then I crashed on the helmet and I clicked up the helmet clip. We all scrambled to the high ropes and I thought it looked easy.

The poles stretched up to the sky like the Eiffel Tower. I felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The instructor started telling us the rules. It took for ages bla bla bla just get it over with,  I know what to do, I've been to clip'n'climb, it's exactly the same. Well not exactly the same. The instructor finally finished chattering away and picked out the groups. In my group was Elise, Jamie and I. We didn't have enough people in our group so one of the adults went in our group. My group was doing the buoy course

Elise went first. She started climbing up the ladder then the pole with metal bars sticking out of it and then the buoy part. This was the fun bit. Elise snatched the first buoy and slid her feet slowly across the rope then started to struggle to get the other ones. She stretched her arm out and clutched the next buoy. She slid her feet across the rope and grabbed the next buoy and so on until she got to the end. Then Jamie went, and then it was my turn. I felt excited and nervous again. I clipped myself up and started climbing the ladder, then climbed the pole with the metal bars sticking out of it. This was the scary part, the part I was most nervous about. The buoy part.

I scraped my feet across the rope stole the first one and then the second one then the third one and so on until I got to the end. The adult in my group told me to go up to the huge pole holding the buoys so I did. I ascended to the giant pole and slipped to the middle of it. I asked if I could come back down but he instructed me to get to the end of the pole and back to the middle. To make a long story short I did.

I felt really really proud of myself. All my life I've been told that I'm short but after I did the high ropes I showed that it's not about shortness or tallness it's about courage.

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